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  • Battle of the Giant Killers – iFi Audio Zen Phono vs. Schiit Audio Mani

    For anyone familiar the Schiit Audio and their range of product offerings, their budget DAC & AMP combination such as the Modi 3 & Magni 3 are well reviewed and often recommended as starter combinations. For folks who are into LP, Records or Vinyl playback, the Schiit Mani is something they would have come across […]

  • iFi Zen Dac + Intel NUC 7PJYH

    With the current work from home arrangements most of us are familiar with, I moved my desk from the Master to the Music Room. My main stereo setup is in the same room on the wall to the right of my desk. Undoubtedly, it would be simpler to have just one setup for my music, […]