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  • [DIY] Chinese Single-Ended Tube Preamp (6J4, 6P6P, 6Z5P)

    EF94, 6V6GT, 6X5GT

    In January this year, I finally decided to change out my home stereo setup and experience my music differently. In doing so, I sold my NAD C162 Stereo Preamplifier. That piece of kit was a full featured solid state preamplifier and a component I have come to adore. It did pretty much everything I asked […]

  • THE BUILD – DIY ICEpower 200ASC/AC Dual Monaural Class D Power Amplifier

    Here is where my gripe with GhentAudio begins. The cable insulation colors of included wiring harness do not match up. You could trim/splice solder them together in the middle as they are. Or if you are OCD as I am, you might unpin them using a tiny flat head screwdriver and repin them correctly.

  • PARTS LIST – DIY ICEpower 200ASC/AC Dual Monaural Class D Power Amplifier

    DIY 200ASC/AC

    Similar ICEpower modules are used by OEM manufacturers in their Class D amplifier product lines costing about $3,000-4,000 USD. Some examples include Wyred4Sound and Bel Canto. In this article, I will list where to ORDER the necessary components online. Similar to my bill of parts, these come up to about $300 USD excluding shipping. I will list the actual BUILD in the next article.

  • [VIDEO] DIY Projects

    DIY FS.3W-MK1

    Showing some previous DIY projects. Made a few bookshelf monitors and floorstanders using Vifa and Solen crossover components. Housed in 3/4 inch marine plywood held in place with Maxbond (liquid nails) and wrapped in teak veneer before finishing off with matt lacquer. Below is a playlist of videos with some sound tests.